Our rehab team truly believes that anyone and everyone has the potential to thrive.

Physical, Occupational, & Speech/Language

Our team creates individualized plans of care, including the resident and families input, to ensure the goals are meaningful and cover all aspects of the desired outcome.

Physical Therapy

Involves the restoration of function while focusing on safety, strengthening, mobility and overall fitness. 

Occupational Therapy

Involves increasing independence in all areas of daily living through a holistic approach while focusing on physical, mental , and emotional factors to improve function and quality of life.

Speech and Language Pathology

Involves working on monitoring swallowing to ensure safety and least restrictive diet, as well as communication deficits to improve social interactions.


Our mission is to provide our residents with the finest skilled nursing and rehabilitative services.  Dedicated to the basic tenets of  Friendship, Love and Truth, our highly trained staff extends compassionate care in a comfortable and secure environment that affords a dignified, meaningful, active and enhanced quality of life.


Odd Fellows Home
104 Randolph Road
Worcester, MA 01606

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